Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first black tomato: color wheel now complete!

Black from Tula, from one of my upside-down tomato plants. This first fruit was pretty beat up:

but I must say it tasted WONDERFUL! It lacked that tomato "bite" but still had a lot of flavor.

Did I mention I don't actually like raw tomatoes? But I liked this one. Now I can't wait for the Black Krim to ripen!

I've had one Moonglow(orange),one Yellow Boy, and one Better Boy (red) thus far. This Tula not only completes my tomato color wheel (of what I've planted (no whites)) but also is my favorite. The Yellow Boy was pretty citrusy and acidic, the Moonglow was a little fruitier, and the Better Boy tasted like a regular tomato. Hard to describe, but they definitely all taste quite different! I had no idea about heirlooms until this season - it's turning out to be really interesting!

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