Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aww, shucks!

The nice and knowledgeable folks over at Bifurcated Carrots wrote a post about my blog!

In the spirit of beer appreciation, Patrick, here's a pic of my hops vine! I really wanted to take a new picture of it with a Sierra Nevada next to it, but my camera broke the other day... anyway, hopefully sometime soon there will be some hops on it!


  1. A hop vine is one of the things on my to-get list too. Not so much as for beer, but for eating and teas.

    When I was 16 and wanted to drink, I brewed my own beer. While I've since had better tasting beer, all things considered it was pretty good. I guess I might try it again someday, but for the time being I'm just going to buy it. Living in Europe, I have lots of good choices.

    Mike on planb in South Africa set out a goal of self sufficiency a few years ago of making a pizza and beer dinner completely off his own land. I'm not sure how far he's gotten, but I think he's still working on it. He's also a CS guy (I think I remember reading somewhere on his blog he was the first person certified by Sun to teach Java in South Africa).

    Tiny Farm Blog and Egypt Farm also have CS people, there are lots of others around too. See my blogroll for links to these blogs.

  2. How great that there's CS people finding each other through gardening! I'll check out their blogs!

    If only I had known about beer brewing when I was <21...actually, it's probably a good idea I didn't. I haven't brewed anything for a few years - before, it was mainly cider, mead, and related variations. Some of my friends who are serious beer brewers already called dibs on my hops, so maybe I'll make them share their expertise for a season before trying it myself...