Friday, August 21, 2009

Giving you your winter fix, giving me one less thing to not have done

Update: Heh, well this didn't happen. Home-ownership and marathon-running-dog-ownership happened! I'm now trying to write a few posts that distill what I've learned so far about soil, growing tomatoes, and building a garden from scratch. The adventure continues....

All spring and summer I've wanted to post. But I haven't had the time or will to do it. Between intensive grafting, house-hunting, house-buying, house moving-in, gardening my 1.33 community garden plots, exercising my dog, and having a life...oh and a job... well, disappointing the 4 occasional readers of my blog hasn't really made it onto the radar. Although it is a regularly-passing thought.

Then another thought hit me: everyone is garden blogging in summer. But what about winter? "no new news, everything still dead and frozen" - not so great. But winter's the time where I'm not too busy doing the gardening to post about it, and everyone isn't off reading other blogs. There's a gap just waiting to be filled for you and me: winter blogging! Relive another glorious summer in the form of my blog posts, giving all of us that green fix we miss so much during the cold, horrible, if-only-global-warming-really-meant-just-warming winter. So that will be my niche. Maybe then someone will read this blog instead of the 100's of better ones out there, because those 100's will be in hibernation.

So that's the plan. Stay tuned. I'll be your only option ;)


  1. Here in Vancouver, we're just starting to plant things for the winter. We've got some wheat, kale, radishes, carrots, etc starting now. For most of the winter it barely goes below freezing, so a lot of things grow right through. If i plant kale/mustard/radishes right now, then they'll bloom in march or april

  2. wow I thought it got a lot colder than that in Vancouver! that's great!
    I too plan to plant a winter garden - mostly greens. Arugula and spinach made it through our winter last year under row covers, and I'll probably have kale, too. Maybe some cold frames... if so, I'll have to write about the building of them here!
    good luck with all your planting!!!

  3. This is BS! Make that 3 readers - i need my gardening fix now!! I'm switching to Martha Stewart ;-)


  4. Haha Sean I knew you were just playing it cool all this time... so I have a surprise coming your way (unless you *really want* Lillian's baby blocks in a princess bag instead). It's a bit Martha-ish also so hopefully it will satisfy your girly domestic needs ;) don't resort to Martha! She's like street smack to my fine pure columbian...