Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inventory, updated

One of my earliest posts was an inventory of all the plants I was growing and planned to grow, both in my community garden plot, in pots around my house, or for grafting experiments. While most of the intentions were fulfilled, not all have come to full fruit(veg)ion. Some of the seedlings I got from friends didn't make it, some I played God with and killed on purpose (sorry!!!), others I killed unintentionally, and one I'm reading last rites to as we speak:

Noir des Carmes melon
5/08 - 7/30ish/08
Taken from this world by cucumber beetles and naive garden planning (oops)

Moment of silence, please.

Alright, must get on with our lives... here's my plants that are alive and should be successful this season:

Lemon Boy (upside-down pot)
Black from Tula (upside-down pot)
Better Bush (garden)
Moonglow (garden)
Sungold cherry (garden)
Big Beef (2, 1 garden, 1 pot)
Marvel Stripe (2 pots, 2 garden?)
Cavern (2, 1 garden, 1 pot)
Black Krim (pot)
Persimmon (pot)
Constaluto (genovese or other, we'll see, in pot)
Green Zebra (1 pot, 1 graft, 2 garden?)
Opalka (pot)
Stupice, barely hanging on after being strangled by unsuccessful graft attempt
Blondkopfchen (cherry) (2, in pots) - small, left over from grafting stock
...few other graft survivors:
green zebra, mentioned above
Vintage Wine
Chocolate Stripe (sent to dad in TX)
Cherry (sent to dad in TX)
Ace (sent to dad in TX)

Marketmore cucumber, 2 (one in garden, one in pot)
Armenian yard-long cucumber (garden)
Papaya squash (garden)
Patty pan squash (garden)
Delicata squash (garden)

Fairy Tale
Rosa Bianca
Gistada de Liada
(frankly, I've lost track of which is where but 2 are in my garden, one is in a pot)

Perennials (all in garden)
Black Raspberry Bush!
Hops Vine!
Black-eyed Susan
Bee balm
2 kinds of lavender
4 kinds of thyme

Pasilla (Hole Mole) (garden)
Chocolate bell (garden)
habanero (garden)
Serrano (garden)
hungarian hot wax (garden)
Poblano (garden)
Santa Fe (pot)
Fresno (pot)
Red Demon Thai (pot)
Jamaican hot (pot)

garlic (garden)
chives (pot)
lavender and thyme mentioned above
fino verde basil (pot and on top of upside-down tomatoes)
genovese basil (pot and on top of upside-down tomatoes)
chocolate mint
rosemary (pot)
cilantro (on top of upside-down tomato)

Okra (garden)
Tomatillo ( 2 pairs, 1 in garden, 1 pair in pots)
French marigolds (garden)
Nasturtium (garden)
morning glory (garden)
moonflower (garden)
red onion (garden and in strawberry pots)
portulaca (pots)
Taiyo sunflower (garden and one in pot)
Strawberry blonde sunflower (garden)
Velvet queen sunflower (garden)
zinnias (garden)

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